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Welcome to Hippocampus's Garden, a Shion Honda's blog. I regularly write about machine learning, statistics, programming, and my hobbies.

Aligning LLMs without Reinforcement Learning

April 27, 2024  |  3 min read

DPO reduces the effort required to align LLMs. Here is how I created the Reviewer #2 Bot from TinyLlama using DPO.


Elo vs Bradley-Terry: Which is Better for Comparing the Performance of LLMs?

March 17, 2024  |  4 min read

Chatbot Arena updated its LLM ranking method from Elo to Bradley-Terry. What changed? Let's dig into the differences.


Unpacking the Tricky Behavior of React Navigation's navigate Function

March 09, 2024  |  2 min read

Does your React Native app go back to an unexpected screen? Here's how to deal with it.



February 03, 2024  |  6 min read



Year in Review: Deep Learning Papers in 2023

January 27, 2024  |  12 min read

Let's look back at the significant progress made in deep learning in 2023! Here are my 10 favorite papers.


Simulating Real-Time Chats using Flask's Server-Sent Events

November 06, 2023  |  2 min read

Discover the power of Flask's Server-Sent Events for better developer's experience of chatbots.

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