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Aligning LLMs without Reinforcement Learning

April 27, 2024  |  3 min read

DPO reduces the effort required to align LLMs. Here is how I created the Reviewer #2 Bot from TinyLlama using DPO.


Year in Review: Deep Learning Papers in 2023

January 27, 2024  |  12 min read

Let's look back at the significant progress made in deep learning in 2023! Here are my 10 favorite papers.


忙しい人のためのTuning Playbook

January 26, 2023  |  11 min read

ハイパーパラメータを決めるためのガイドである『Deep Learning Tuning Playbook』をまとめました。


Year in Review: Deep Learning in 2022

January 17, 2023  |  6 min read

Uncover the top deep learning advancements of 2022. A year-in-review of key research papers and applications.


A Look Back at Deep Learning in 2021 (Application)

January 03, 2022  |  4 min read

Let's look back at the updates in deep learning in 2021! This post covers four application projects worth checking out


A Look Back at Deep Learning in 2021 (Research)

January 03, 2022  |  11 min read

Let's look back at the updates in deep learning in 2021! This post covers eight research papers worth checking out.


Awesome StyleGAN Applications

November 12, 2021  |  10 min read

The ability of StyleGAN to generate super-realistic images has been inspiring many application works. To have some sort of organized view on them, this post covers important papers with a focus on image manipulation.


NeurIPS 2020 Favorite Papers

January 10, 2021  |  6 min read

NeurIPS 2020 virtual conference was full of exciting presentations! Here I list some notable ones with brief introductions.


Best Machine Learning Papers of 2020

January 02, 2021  |  12 min read

Let's look back on the machine learning papers published in 2020! This post covers 10 representative papers that I found interesting and worth reading.


Transformers Now: A Survey of Recent Advances

November 02, 2020  |  10 min read

Transformer has undergone various application studies, model enhancements, etc. This post aims to provide an overview of these studies.


Reproducing Deep Double Descent

June 13, 2020  |  7 min read

Double descent is one of the mysteries of modern machine learning. I reproduced the main results of the recent paper by Nakkiran et al. and posed some questions that occurred to me.


BERT That Works on Browser

May 22, 2020  |  4 min read

This post explains how MobileBERT succeeded in reducing both model size and inference time and introduce its implementation in TensorFlow.js that works on web browsers.


Recent Advances in Representation Learning

April 20, 2020  |  4 min read

"Representation" is a way AIs understand the world. This post is a short introduction to the representation learning in the "deep learning era."


Downsizing StyleGAN2 for Training on a Single GPU

March 04, 2020  |  3 min read

Want to generate realistic images with a single GPU? This post demonstrates how to downsize StyleGAN2 with slight performance degradation.

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