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    Welcome to Hippocampus's Garden, a Shion Honda's blog. I regularly write about machine learning, statistics, programming, and my hobbies.


    September 27, 2020  |  5 min read



    Different Measures of Feature Importance Behave Differently

    September 05, 2020  |  7 min read

    This post compares the behaviors of different feature importance measures in tricky situations.


    Meet Pandas: Query Dataframe

    August 25, 2020  |  2 min read

    This post introduces the Pandas method of `query`, which allows us to query dataframes in an SQL-like manner.


    Ready Steady GO: Call Function Periodically With Timeout

    August 16, 2020  |  1 min read

    This is a golang sample code that calls some function periodically for a specified amount of time.


    Learning to Play Slime Volleyball with PFRL

    August 08, 2020  |  5 min read

    This post introduces PFRL, a new reinforcement learning library, and uses it to learn to play the Slime Volleyball game on Colaboratory.


    From Direct Method to Doubly Robust

    July 29, 2020  |  3 min read

    Causal inference is becoming a hot topic in ML community. This post formulates one of its important concepts called doubly robust estimator with simple notations.



    July 19, 2020  |  21 min read


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